2016 Jaguar XJ

2016 Jaguar XJ review

March 3, 2015

2016 Jaguar XJ is an interesting alternative to the usual German large luxury sedans, mixing old charm with modern handling and modern engines.

2016 Jaguar XJ design

Up to now we only dispose of the spy shots of the camouflaged vehicle. So we cannot give any certain info about its design from the outside. Neither we can be sure about its changes that will occur. However, there have some guesses that 2016 Jaguar XJ will obtain much lighter underpinning which will cause the overall weight to drop down considerably. This change will be due to use of more aluminum and other light metals in its production. Furthermore, the whole body of this English car will be surprisingly very contemporary and very alluring. Also, the front end of the 2016 Jaguar XJ there will be elongated and very aggressive, and the grille will be made of chrome. As of its interior, we aren’t sure about its specifications. Anyhow, we are sure that it will be equipped with all the necessary features of the latest generation.

2016 Jaguar XJ

2016 Jaguar XJ powertrain

This English car producer hasn’t declared which power units will be offered for this model. Nevertheless, there are some reports about the possible presence of a supercharged V6 engine and a brand-new version of V8 one. What’s more, the 2016 Jaguar XJ may be made in a plug-in hybrid variant. In that case, it will use a turbocharged 2.0L 4-cylinder engine paired to an electric motor and a lithium-ion battery. It is assumed to be able to generate 334 PS. As far as its top speed is concerned, it will be capable of reaching 155 miles per hour. Unfortunately, the EPA ratings are still uncertified, but we are convinced that it will be quite satisfying.

2016 Jaguar XJ

2016 Jaguar XJ price and release date

Since this car is considered as a luxury and expensive car, we shouldn’t expect any costs lower than $90,000.There are not official announcements for the new Jaguar XJ release date, only rumors. We should wait for some more reliable details about the release date of this luxury vehicle.

2016 Jaguar XJ interior

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