2016 Ford Explorer

2016 Ford Explorer Review and Price

May 7, 2015

2016 Ford explorer is among the famous family SUVs that you can find at the market, with the new 2016 Ford Explorer, the car is going to have a total new look.

What is the design of the 2016 Ford Explorer?

2016 Ford Explorer will suffer major changes in its external appearance. These changes mean greater modernization and attractiveness.Car size is unchanged but other segments are. It is primarily the headlights whose shape and characteiristics follow today’s trend. The body line has a dose of luxury and also sportiness. The front grille was redesigned and receives a high level of elegance.And the rear lighting is changed. Its place found the new trapezoid lights. Below them is a pretty massive curved bumper. Complete crossover is much more rounded than its predecessor. Inserted a new range of exterior colors that will contribute to a higher refresh rate of the model.

2016 Ford Explorer

Interior of 2016 Ford Explorer

As phenomenal SUV with great potential will still be able to carry up to eight passengers. Retained the form of three rows of seats which turined out very well. Because this is primarily a great family vehicle. The last bench can be removed to increase cargo space. The cabin is made of high quality and new materials that provide comfort driving. What kind of equipment is in Ford? The equipment is built to a higher technological level. The center console is equipped with a modern touch screen displey. Through it is possible to control a large part of the functions. One part of the commands should be placed on the steering wheel.In the equipment is a navigation system, a new infotainment menu, excellent audio player, air conditioning, and much more.

2016 Ford Explorer

2016 Ford Explorer Engine options

The redesign of the 2016 Ford Explorer is not going to be found only with the interior but with the engine also. It is goinig to have three different version and these are Sport, Ecoboost and Standard. The standard version is going to have 3.5-liter with V6 engine that will be able to offer a 295 hp and a torque of 255 lb-ft. The Ecoboost car is going to have 2.0-liter turbocharged engine with V4, it will be able to make 240 hp with torque of 279 lb-ft. The sport version is going coming with 3.5-liter turbo V6 engine and the maximum power is 365 hp with a torque of 350 lb-ft.

2016 Ford Explorer

Release date and price of 2016 Ford Explorer

The 2016 Ford Explorer is going to reach the markiet by the end of the quarter of 2014 or in the early 2015. The price, at which this car is going to be sold at, is yet to be known but the estimation of the price is around 31,000 dollar for the base model to 42,000 dollars for the sport version.

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