2016 Dodge Challenger

2016 Dodge Challenger specs

February 15, 2015

2016 Dodge Challenger is a great part of the American auto-industry history..A proud member of the Chrysler group in the world since the 1959 year,and is back into the race for the most muscular car.

2016 Dodge Challenger redesign?

2016 Dodge Challenger will suffer changes to the front and rear bumpers.But its designers certainly did not deviate much from the previous model,but they only enhance aggressiveness.Fender arches, hood and headlamps were given a new look.There is only one truth, this is a true American muscle car as we are used to see.Brake jawes are increased as well as their efficiency.Wind tunnel on the Challenger will conduct air and throw it through the holes in the wheel-wells.The air will go to the fan, and then on to the heat exchanger and all down to the front ports.All these changes have not yet been confirmed by the company.

2016 Dodge Challenger

What is the interior of the 2016 Dodge Challenger?

The interior of the this model has been completely redesigned and adjusted maximum to the driver.The cabin can accommodate up to five passengers.The seats are very comfortable and anatomically adapt.Interior colors are offered even in 14 different variants.From materials in combination are quality fabrics,suede and leather.The front seats are equipped with heaters.In front of the driver set is a round speedometer and rpm meter and digital display of 7 inches. Through it, you can see various information about the current state of the vehicle.The steering wheel is covered with leather.On it are the audio controls, phone, voice control and cruise control.In the middle of the console is integrated 3D touch screen display size 8.4 inches.It is intended for use Pandora navigation, Wi-Fi connectivity, a variety of applications, audio system etc.For safe driving is available cameras, warning of the crash, Blind Spot Monitoring, Adaptive Cruise Control, etc.

2016 Dodge Challenger

2016 Dodge Challenger engines?

2016 Dodge Challenger is a car which is expected to peak power and engine performance.There is more information on this topic.The first is that under the hood will be 6.2-liter supercharged V8 Hellcat which will provide the 560HP up to 640HP.Another option is a 6.4 liter V8 engine with 480HP.As for the gearbox cube is currently dropped to eight-speed manual or optional automatic.All in all customer expectations are high when it comes to the 2016 Dodge Challenger.

2016 Dodge Challenger

2016 Dodge Challenger price?

Sales of the new Challenger should start by the end of this year or no later than early in 2015 year.Price is still not one hundred percent sure, but it should be in the range of 45.000$ to 60.000$.

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