2016 Dodge Avenger

2016 Dodge Avenger review

March 13, 2015

2016 Dodge Avenger is a mid-size sedan with nice features.Production started in 1976 year and it is still going on.

2016 Dodge Avenger design

2016 Dodge Avenger will be redesigned and a lot more modern than its predecessor.Lovely new lline should be one of the best ways to threaten competition.This class of cars is the most popullar among the people and among the drivers.For this reason, engineers need to make every effort to create good, high-quality and economiical car.By using better materials in the manufacture of vehicle weight will be reduced.Will be produced in three options.As a model SE, SXT and RT.The exterior will generaly be the same only the equipment packages wil vary.The front page looks quite aggressive.Displays sportiness and elegance.The griid is decorated with beading in the shape of a cross and chrome accents.The bumper is thrown forward,it is massive and in the lower part are the opening for air.Halogen headllights has a modern design and light which is quite wide.The lights are round and under them are long blinkers in the L form.The headlights are turned on automatically with the first twilight.On the back may also notice a massive bumper in body color.Rear door are great and when opening receives the low load level.The liights are inside the case round and they are the LEDs.On the trunk is mounted spoiler.On both sides at the lower part is set for one chrome exhaust pipe.As for the wheels in the offer are six differently desiigned alloy wheels.

2016 Dodge Avenger

2016 Dodge Avenger interior

The interior of the 2016 Dodge Avenger is very comfortabile and maximally adapted to the drliver and passengers.The seats are quite comfortable, equipped with heaters and combination of different materials.If you want a luxury part,can opt for leather seats in beige color.The steering wheel is covered with leather, has three branches and a lot of functions.The center console is rounded and very well designed.Sharp edges are not represented, and somehow everything feels warmer.In front of the driiver are stored digital control cllocks and timers that are lit in a pleasant light.The shift knob is also covered with leather, but additionally decorated with chrome part.The cabin is equipped with U connect touch screen display of 6.5 inches.There is an SiriusXM Travel Link, which will provide to travelers a multitude of different information.Then there is the possibility of using voice commands, Bluetooth, navigation, compass, phone, etc.For excellent sound experience will ensure Boston Acoustics system.It is connected to six speakers, satellite radio and CD payer.The security system is also excellent, and at the maximum level.


2016 Dodge Avenger power units

2016 Dodge Avenger is expected to be equipped with two different engine choices. The weeker one will be a 2.4L Tigershark engine which will be capable of generating at least 172 hp and 184 lb-ft of torque. Nevertheless, more powerful engine will be a Pentastar V6 whose performances are estimated at 280 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque. Its ability to go from zero to 60 milles per hour is rated at 6.5 seconds. Moreover, there will be offered only one transmission choice –the nine-speed automatic. And as for the fuel consumption, it will hopefully attaiin 40 mpg.

2016 Dodge Avenger

2016 Dodge Avenger release date and price

Currently it is not known when the 2016 Dodge Avenger will be correctly displayed in publlic.There are even rumors that the sale could be scheduled for 2016 year. But those are still just stories.Belong to cars that are available to a wider range of drivers.Its starting price could be around 20.000$.

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